5th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities

28 February - 1 March 2014

Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Surabaya, Indonesia

Government of Indonesia
Government of Japan
Government of Cambodia
Government of the United States
ASEAN Secretariat
ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities

1. To launch Phase 2 of the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme (with extended funding support for Year 2 from the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) (t.b.c.)) and explore specific opportunities for streamlined collaboration among EAS participating countries and supporting organisations;
2. To highlight ASEAN member states’ and EAS participating countries’ strategy and new initiatives in support of the regional ESC collaboration, including Japan’s Joint Credit Mechanism initiative;
3. To discuss and seek inputs on: i) specific messages to senior officials and Ministers towards the 4th East Asia Summit Environment Ministers Meeting;  ii) ASEAN’s strategy and direction on ESC collaboration towards the 2015 ASEAN Community and greater engagement with supporting partners through the ASEAN Working Group on ESC;
4. To highlight international organisations’ assistance schemes, the private sector’s technologies and expertise as well as the importance of city-to-city cooperation for ESC development;

National and local governments, bilateral and international development agencies, city networks, NGOs, private companies, academia and community groups

• Day 1: Keynote presentations, progress of ASEAN Model Cities and collaborative opportunities discussions, thematic presentations and discussions by other organisations
• Day 2: Discussion on future activities on ESC and Chair’s Summary.

The High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (HLS ESC) is the flagship collaborative initiative by 18 East Asia Summit (EAS) participating countries (consisting of 10 ASEAN member states, plus Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand as well as the United States and Russia) to foster concrete activities on ESC in the region.

It provides a platform to gather a broad range of stakeholders from government ministries, local governments, international organisations, NGOs, academe and front-line experts on urban environmental management to discuss current issues and explore opportunities for collaborative actions. Past seminars were: 1st HLS ESC (Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2010), 2nd HLS ESC (Kitakyushu, Japan in March 2011), 3rd HLS ESC (Siem Reap, Cambodia in March 2012) and 4th HLS ESC (Hanoi, Viet Nam in March 2013).

The 5th HLS ESC was held on 28 February - 1 March 2014, in Surabaya, Indonesia back to back with the Fifth Regional 3R Forum in Asia (25 - 27 March 2013, Surabaya, Indonesia) and with the support of EAS participating countries and international organisations.   Please click on the following links for further background information and the programme