6th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities

9 -10 February 2015

Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Government of Malaysia
Government of Japan
Government of Cambodia
ASEAN Secretariat
ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities


  1. Present and review the outputs and achievements of the past HLS ESC seminars and the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme (Year 2) (a practical output from the 1st HLS ESC);
  2. To highlight notable initiatives as well as discuss common opportunities and challenges in core/emerging ESC sectors, including:
    • Creating/enhancing ‘enabling policy frameworks’ for ESC actions, including:
      • Articulation of specific goals and targets in ESC sectors, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of progress made on these goas/targets;
      • Action Plans linked to timeline and implementing resources;
      • Enforcement of relevant laws, environmental standards and other legal instruments. 
    • Public participation and multi-stakeholder cooperation (educational institutions, youths, civils society organisations (CSOs), private sector and other key players) in implementing good ESC practices/policies;
    • Application of appropriate and innovative technologies, in cooperation with the private sector;
    • Promoting the scale-up and spread of good ESC practices/policies through:
      • Financing mechanisms (both domestic and international);
      • ‘Peer-to-peer learning’ (city-to-city cooperation and exchange)
  3. To promote networking, cooperation and knowledge exchange among key ESC stakeholders by sharing information on :
    • Assistance  schemes of international organisations;
    • ESC initiatives and requirements for external assistance and international cooperation by national and local governments;
    • Expertise and technologies of the private sector 
  4. Based on (1), (2) and (3), develop a Chair’s Summary which will provide inputs to the 5th Environment Asia Summit (EAS) Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM) and other relevant meetings on the way forward for advancing ESC promotion through regional EAS cooperation, considering the vision of ASEAN Community 2015.


National and local governments, bilateral and international development agencies, city networks, NGOs, private companies, academia and community groups

• Day 1: Keynote presentation; Stocktaking, outputs and achievements of the ASEAN Model Cities Programme Year 2;
• Day 2: Thematic Sessions on key and emerging ESC Issues, Discussion and adoption of the Chair’s Summary

The High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (HLS ESC) is the flagship collaborative initiative by 18 East Asia Summit (EAS) participating countries (consisting of 10 ASEAN member states, plus Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand as well as the United States and Russia) to foster concrete activities on ESC in the region.

It provides a platform to gather a broad range of stakeholders from government ministries, local governments, international organisations, NGOs, academe and front-line experts on urban environmental management to discuss current issues and explore opportunities for collaborative actions. Past seminars were: 1st HLS ESC (Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2010), 2nd HLS ESC (Kitakyushu, Japan in March 2011), 3rd HLS ESC (Siem Reap, Cambodia in March 2012), 4th HLS ESC (Hanoi, Viet Nam in March 2013) and 5th HLS ESC (Surabaya, Indonesia, February and March 2015).

The 6th HLS ESC was held on 9 - 10 February 2015 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia back to back with the International Forum on “FutureCity” Initiative in Malaysia: Building the sustainable city and the “FutureCity” held on Sunday 8th February 2015 and with the support of EAS participating countries and international organisations.   Please click on the following links for further background information and the programme